Mobile Friendly Web Site Launched


In addition to this main web site, there is now a second "mobile friendly" site that will display well on small screens such as smartphones and tablets.

The mobile site is available at:

It is not a local app that is installed to your device, so it does require a network connection to the web site. This should not be too big of a problem for most people, as there will be free WiFi throughout the hotel, and many people already have a data plan for their phones.

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"Welcome to Portland" Ice Cream Social Announced


Join us for an informal get together in a nice little park across the street from the DoubleTree convention hotel. We’ve rented the park for a couple hours and will provide Haagen-Dazs ice cream for you to enjoy while you catch up with old friends and meet new friends. The Host Committee hopes you will join us for this fun event and kick off to our convention.

Cost: $5.00

Sunday, August 23, 6:00PM to 8:00PM

NMRA STORE LINK: F199 Welcome Reception Ice Cream Social

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Final Early Registration Period Ends June 30th


Just a reminder to all that the final early registration period with reduced fares ends June 30th. The rates will go up to their full fares as of July 1. Primary Registration will be $159.00, and Companion and Family Registration each will be $80.00.

There is still time to get in at the reduced rates using the online registration process on the NMRA web site:

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Bad or Missing Email Addresses


Convention Updates are sent out to everyone that has registered for the convention and supplied a valid email address, plus those that have signed up from the web site. Past Updates are available on the "Updates" page.

With each mailing, I get a number of delivery failures due to bad email addresses. I have been able to resolve a few, but many remain unresolved, which means that those people are not receiving these Updates.

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Clinic Changes as of June 14

Details of the changes are in the attached file.

Call for Volunteers!


In addition to the regular activities of the National Convention, the convention also provides an opportunity to further involve yourself in the activities of the NMRA and the running of the convention. Because the convention is operated completely on the work of volunteers, a significant number of individuals stepping forward to assist will make the convention more enjoyable and beneficial to all attendees. Most of the volunteer jobs are administrative in nature and require as few as two hours of dedicated effort. Many regular attendees volunteer year after year because they get a great kick out of helping make the convention a success.

Please consider giving some of your time during the convention to help out. Details of what Jobs are available, and how to go about offering your time are available on the Volunteers page.

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Clinic Updates as of May 18

The clinics have been updated to reflect the changes as of May 18. The details of what has changed are in the attached file.

Sternwheeler Cruise Available Again


The General Tour G566 - Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge Cruise is available once again, as we were able to secure a second bus. If you are interested, don't delay in registering for this on the NMRA Company Store site, or via our web page link to it:

There were a lot of names on the waiting list for this tour, but there are still seats available.

As a reminder, if you find a tour that is "sold out", you can add your name to the waiting list for that tour and you will be notified directly if additional space becomes available before we announce it here. The details of how to contact NMRA HQ to do this are at:

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Registration for all of the extra fare tours is now open to everyone

The wait is finally over, and you can now book all of the General, Layout, and Prototype/Industrial Tours using the NMRA Company Store web site. The best way to get to the individual items is through this web site  as there are now links directly to each item in the NMRA store. Alternatively, if you already know exactly what you want, it might be quicker to go directly to the NMRA Store and select them from there.
NMRA Company Store
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Non-Rail Clinic Information Available


A list of Non-Rail Clinics has been added. It is preliminary, but will give you a good idea of what is being planned.

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